Christmas Cake Done & Dusted…

Given the job of providing the Christmas cake this year and keeping everyone happy, (some prefer fruit cake, some prefer sponge cake and some might just nibble a bit of gingerbread) – this is the end result.  Santa is a traditional fruit cake, Rudolph is a Vicky sponge and the bedsteads are gingerbread!  The wobbly icing is due to a festive sherry….or three.  Happy Christmas 🎄


The Best Way To Give A Dog At Christmas

Although it’s the time of year when impulses take over reasoned thinking, let’s just slow down and make sure that giving a cute little bundle of fun to someone as a Christmas gift is really the right thing to do.  

If you still think a pooch is what they would like, why not give them a very well behaved one that doesn’t need walkies or scooping after?!

Here are a few gift ideas, OR you can commission me to paint a beloved four legged friend from your photos, for a truly original gift.

Happy Christmas Everyone 🎅🏻🎄