Prices vary depending on the size of painting required, the materials used (acrylic, oils or pastel drawing) and the composition (head and shoulders of your pet or full body), but as a guide, a head and shoulder style composition on a slim 12″ x 10″ canvas using acrylics = £75.

For other sizes, please get in touch directly using the ‘Contact Me’ page

Thank You


2 thoughts on “Prices

  1. elaine mcleod

    Hi , I am looking for drawings of my cocker spaniel on one canvas from different photos is this something you do and what is the price range

    Many thanks



    1. rosiemarkartwork Post author

      Hi Elaine
      Thanks for your enquiry. When you say drawings on canvas, do you mean paintings? Drawings (pencil or soft pastel) are usually done on paper and acrylic or oil are on canvas. Also are you wanting one image of your pet or more? Please let me know and then I can give you an idea of fees, dependent on size required.

      Kind regards
      Rosie 😊



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