All Change…

Following a change of mind with one of my paintings, I recently took the plunge to swap a safe sky blue colour for a bold purple (my favourite!) colour.  I think it makes the subject – a hunk of English Bull Terrier – ‘pop’ forward now.  I love subtle, gentle background colours, but just now and again I like to go a bit bananas!  See what you think. 🤓


Open Art Exhibitions

One of the aspects of art and painting that I enjoy, is applying to take part in one or two open art exhibitions which pop up now and again on social media and various websites.  My applications aren’t always successful but the hope that they might be, pushes me to “have a go”.

It’s also a useful way of looking at other artists’ paintings and to see the standard of work that’s out there.  This can result in feelings of “Why do I even bother?!” or alternatively, “Oh, my stuff isn’t too bad then”.

I’ve given myself a goal of entering three exhibitions a year and if I make it through to any of them, well, you never know where it may lead!

This painting is being entered into the RGI (Royal Glasgow Institute) open art exhibition being held this Autumn.  Wish me luck!