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Magnus Has Landed

Well the big old fella has touched down in Vienna and is now safely hanging on his new wall.  Lovely to receive feedback and a photo.  Happy New Home Magnus 🐮

Farewell Magnus, you big hunk…

That’s ‘Magnus’ sold and heading off to his new home – delighted to have a sale, but I’ll sort of miss him!


I’m hoping to start a new avenue of marketing soon, just getting things in place, dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s, and then I can launch it.



Lovely hunk ‘Magnus’ is now up for sale on my storefront on Saatch Art Online and – I’m only half hoping he’ll find a new home, as I’ve become quite fond of the big fella!  Oil on canvas 61 x 61cmimage



Just completed this commission of a Highland Cow and having used a mix of reds and blacks she resulted in a chocolatey look to her hair so I’ve temporarily christened her Coco.  Bit of varnish, attach the loops and cord and off she goes to her new home 🐮🎨

Choosing a title

One of the tricky parts to creating and selling paintings is probably the simplest….choosing a title on completing the work.   This latest one, an oil painting on canvas of a Highland Bull, caused a bit of a brain freeze so I asked for help via social media. This resulted in clever and well thought out suggestions.

The winning title I chose is ‘Magnus’ – a Scottish name meaning ‘Greatness’ – well suited for this big beefcake I think!image


This is similar to a previous painting of mine, but I love the composition (and the model!) so decided to paint her again from a slightly different angle and a reverse/mirror image.  I haven’t come up with a title yet…suggestions would be very welcome.